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How to apply your Nalu Blue Decal

Most of our decals just require you to peel and stick it to a clean surface (use soap and water and/or rubbing alcohol). 

Some of our decals come with a transfer tape, requiring a couple extra steps as listed below. We like to think of decal application as similar to putting on a temporary tattoo.

1. Clean your intended surface with soap and water or rubbing alcohol to remove any debris/dirt/oil.  

2. Peel the clear transfer tape and decal from the backing.
If decal is stuck to the backing and not being picked up by the transfer tape, apply pressure/squeegee.

3. Apply to desired area. Lay down one edge of the decal and gradually smooth down the rest of decal, avoiding bubbles. Once decal is down, rub and apply pressure with your hand, squeegee, or study card.

4. Very slowly peel away transfer tape.
Decal should adhere to surface- if it doesn't, smooth transfer tape back over decal and continue to apply pressure.

If you have any questions, or would like further clarification, please contact us at or 808-398-2296.